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Welcome to Noi Pizzeria…

Featuring 80 indoor seats and 30 alfresco seats, Noi Pizzeria is perfect for both a quiet rustic dinner and large group functions.

Noi Pizzeria was opened by Elena and Michele who first opened their own Pizzeria Restaurant back in 2005, called “Amici” located in the heart of Burgundy Street Heildburg Melbourne. After great success of running a small based restaurant seating 50 patrons, Elena and Michele took their dream of opening something new and bigger. This is how the birth of” NOI PIZZERIA” came established in 2014.

Taking over a rundown industrial warehouse once known as the old Tannery located at 60 High Street Preston, Now the home of Noi Pizzeria. Elena and Michele began to create their dream restaurant, keeping the building close to its character using its original fittings where possible. Stepping into Noi Pizzeria you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Being served genuine authentic Italian pizza oven pizza. Having their head chef pre paring weekly menu changes to give you choices of seasonal foods available for your taste buds to experience.

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Our Booking Policy

We kindly ask to respect your arrival time so as not to impact on the experience of our other guests.For this reason, if you’re running more then 15 minutes late, please let us know. If agreed, Noi Pizzeria offers unlimited time at your table, otherwise please respect our 2 hour table duration policy.Please be aware we will do our very best to fulfil all request but please be aware these cannot always be accommodated.